Building a vehicle entertainment system creates a more enjoyable driving experience. At our affordable prices, you don't need to go on a television show to build the vehicle entertainment system of your dreams.

Car Audio/Stereo Products

A head unit is a great start towards building a great vehicle sound system. Aftermarket car stereos usually come standard with controls for your AM/FM tuner and also have CD, MP3, WMA, and AAC playback capability. The top of line car receivers include features such as DVD playback, Sirius and XM satellite radio controls, digital HD Radio, internal hard drives, Bluetooth capability, GPS navigation, and inputs for iPod and USB use.

Upgrading your car speakers is the simplest and most affordable way to upgrade your sound system. An after-market set of speakers is better able to handle a wider range of frequencies. But in order to separate your vehicle's sound system from the pack, you need a good set of subwoofers. Car subs will give an overall depth and realistic sound to your music. You will also need a subwoofer enclosure to maximize performance. We have a wide variety of professionally constructed sub boxes, built for your convenience and designed to perfectly complement your personalized system. We advise you to choose a sealed, ported or bandpass box based on your subwoofer specifications and available vehicle space.

An amplifier is the final piece to the puzzle for upgrading your car audio system. An amp acts as a power source to your sound system. The power generated from the amp enables the speakers to emit both low bass beats and high frequency sounds. A good amplifier will fully orchestrate your sound system.

Mobile Video Products

Keep your passengers mesmerized with movies and TV while you operate the vehicle. You can purchase car stereos with in-dash DVD playback and screens sold separately. If you choose this option, you just need to add LCD Monitors. We carry overhead, headrest, stand alone, rearview, sun visor, and in-dash monitors. We also offer in-dash DVD receivers with built-in screens and touchscreen controls. They feature motorized screens so that you can put the screen away when out of use. You can connect these to external monitors or use them to view backup cameras and your plug-and-play GPS Navigation units (sold separately).

For the ultimate entertainment package, check out our overhead monitors that include built-in DVD players. These combos simplify the installation process. Be sure to look for systems with built-in wireless FM modulators and infrared transmitters. These allow your passengers to use wireless headphones, affording you peaceful silence on the road.

The Finishing Touches on a Great Car Multimedia System

Here at Good Vibrations we pride ourselves on OEM factory stereo integration. We have a vast selection of adapters, accessories and other key components to improve your factory system. Imagine the convenience of using iPods, iPhones, USBs, and SD Cards for MP3 playback. You can even add CD changers for quick and easy playback of multiple CDs while driving down the road.

If you decide to keep your factory stereo but upgrade the rest of your system, you should definitely consider adding a sound processor to your system. Processors reshape the output of your factory stereo's preset equalization curves to ensure you get optimal performance out of your aftermarket amplifiers and speakers.

Our selection of radar detectors will help prevent you from racking up speeding tickets. Besides avoiding fines, these handy devices help avoid the nerve-racking experience of getting pulled over, making court appearances, attending driving school classes, and may even lower your car insurance rates. Speaking of which, you may also lower your insurance rates by adding a car alarm to your vehicle. Besides, now that you've built the entertainment system of your dreams, you will need to protect your investment.

Marine Audio

Marine audio products are commonly used in boats, motorcycles, spas, and saunas because they can withstand light rain, moisture and damaging sun rays. Marine equipment is built with materials that are water, fog, salt, and UV ray resistant. These products guard against rust and overall wear and tear. The outstanding durability of the marine audio line allows you to enjoy your favorite music throughout every outdoor adventure.

Marine stereo receivers are designed with conformal coated circuit boards to guard against rust. Many marine stereos are ready for satellite radio. If you get the proper setup (tuner, antenna, and subscription) you can listen to XM or Sirius while at sea, with the exception of those sailing more than 200 miles off shore or passing through the Bermuda Triangle. A marine speaker is made with water-resistant and weather-resistant materials to ensure long lasting audio playback. Many of our Marine speakers feature plastic cones and rubber surrounds for optimal durability. The marine subwoofers are fashioned with waterproof rubber mounting gaskets, and the bass tubes are water resistant enclosures that use weather resistant mounting straps to help sustain your bass despite stormy conditions.

Marine amplifiers protect your audio system's power from moisture and humidity with gasket-sealed covers for the top-mounted controls and endcaps. The marine amps feature rubber caps to cover the RCA inputs, silicone boots to shield the fuses, and their circuit boards have corrosion-deterring conformal coating. Finally, if you need to save space but want powerful sound, our powered marine subs offer bass and power in one package.

To be sure, marine audio helps guard against water damage, but it is not completely infallible. Water resistant models only protect against moisture. They will guard against rainfall and water splashes, but the units are not completely waterproof. To illustrate, you cannot jump into the water with your marine head unit and expect it to continue to function.