Bill Meyer

Bill started out at age 15 installing car radios for friends. The state of the art in the late 60's was installing hi-power AM/FM 8 track decks and adding better speakers. In the 70's the big thing was pulling out those 8 track dinosaurs and installing cassette players. In the 70's Bill went to work for Team Electronics as a salesman of record albums, home stereos, cb radios, and the early days of car audio. He also handled systems for auditoriums and churchs. Bill became store manager of Team Electronics quickly. In 1984 Bill opened up Good Vibrations. Here come the cd players, amps, & subs! Bang we've taken off like a rocket and have been builing many custom audio systems over the years.

Mitch Meyer

Mitch started working with his dad in 2001 at the age of 14. He is now one of the top remote car start specialists in the midwest. He trains, sells, installs, & manages the installation department. Cars and music have always been his passion, as well as, the gym and motorcycles. In his own vehicle Mitch has installed a full JL Audio/Kenwood system. Mitch also heads up our Facebook account, so if you've liked our page, stop by and let Mitch know how he can provide his vast experience to your ride.


Tim Hapner

Growing up in McPherson Tim knew when he received his first car, it would have to have a good stereo in it. He visited Good Vibrations back in 1985 and Bill got him set up. Now fast forward many years and many stereo systems later. Bill asked Tim to work for him. In 1999 Tim found his home installing stereo systems, window tint, and most recently wheels & tires. 11 years later Tim is still building and installing products in customers cars daily.

Derek Friesen

Derek has been working with car audio since his early high school days, installing his own stereos, as well as, stereos for his friends when the opportunities arose. He has always had a passion for cars and music so Derek strives to do his best work when installing and putting together custom work. Since being employed at Good Vibrations, Derek's employment has had a very positive impact on his life. Staying up to date on the latest technology has been a passion of his, so feel free to ask for Derek with any questions you have regarding the latest in car audio & mobile video technology.